Loan calculator with statistics for all listings from the last past year

Here is a neat little calculator that displays a bar chart showing how listings has resulted in the past given the credit grade and the loan amount requested. The results will give a count of the total number of similar listings as well the percentage of listings that were canceled, completed, expired or withdrawn. More importantly, it also shows you the percentage of these listings that were 100% funded versus the ones that did not reach full funding. Statistics also include the average borrower APR and the maximum APR the borrower was willing to accept. This tool can assist you in deciding on a realistic interest rate based on your loan amount and credit grade. Read more »

What interest rate should I use when bidding on a loan?

Here is a simple calculator to assist you in figuring out what interest you should be using when you bid on a listing. It takes into account the borrower credit grade and your desired interest rate. This tool calculates the adjusted interest rate which accounts for the Prosper loan servicing fee and the average default rate for borrowers with the same credit grade. Please note that actual results may vary.

Update: Prosper now has a risk calculator that will estimate your earnings based on the historical performance of similar listings in the past when making your bid. I highly recommend utilizing this tool when bidding as it is more accurate. Read more »